Reaching Nanjing by air


Nanjing’s airport, Lukou International Airport, serves both national and international flights. In 2010, the airport handled 12.5305 million passengers. It was ranked 14th among 126 civil airports in China in terms of yearly passenger transport, and 10th for yearly cargo transport. The airport currently has 85 routes to national and international destinations, which include Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Germany. The airport is connected by a 29-kilometre highway directly to the city center, and is also linked to various intercity highways, making it accessible to the passengers from the surrounding cities.

The international flights are the following (with the current frequency):

Airlines company


Hub Frequency Days
Lufthansa Frankfurt 5flights /week Mon, Wed, Thu,Fri,Sun.
Southeast Airlines Los Angeles 3flights /week Tue, Thu, Sat.
Korean airlines Inchon, Seoul, Busan 1-2flights /day


Japan Airlines Tokyo Narita 3flights /week Tue,Thu,Sat.
Osaka, Fukuoka 1flights /day Tue,Thu,Sat.

For domestic flights, Nanjing is connected to the 4 main hubs in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong-Kong and Chengdu.

Company Main hub Frequency Remarks
Air China

China Eastern




Hong Kong

9-11flights /day

1flights /day

11-12flights /day

5flights /day




The four Chinese hubs are densely connected to the world (USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Emirates, Australia, etc.). With a stop in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong-Kong or Chengdu, you can reach Nanjing. For those preferring trains, the high-speed train allows reaching Nanjing in 4hours from Beijing and one hour and a half from Shanghai.

Public transportation in Nanjing

                                   City center – Lukou Airport:

Metro (45minutes, $3)

At terminal 1 of the airport, take Line S1 to Nanjing South Rail way Station (last station) and then Line 3 to the north and get-off at Daxinggong station,then Line 2 to the east and take one station to get-off at Xi’anmen station,which is 100m from Jiangsu Conference Center.


Taxi (50minutes, $25)

It is generally easy to find an empty taxi downtown but avoid rush hours (6:30-8:00 a.m. 5:00-7:00 p.m.). Drivers available for hire light their taxi lamps red (while green means the taxi is not available). The flag-down rate is RMB 9 (US$ 1.4) plus RMB 2 (US$0.3) fuel surcharge.

Bus (50minutes $3)

Airport bus starts from the former Zhonghuamen Long-distance Bus Station, stopping at Nanjing South Railway Station, to the airport. The time of airport bus departuring from Nanjing South Railway Station is from 6:15 to 20:15 every day, with being one every 20 minutes. The departure time of bus is 06:00-21: 00, with being one every 20 minutes.

Nanjing Railway Station East Square to Airport (Metro line 1) to airport. The departure time is from 05:40 to 21:00, with being one every 20 minutes. Every bus that stops at 221 Longpan Road will be 10 to 15 minutes later.